Production of Marble in Versilia

The Company Maremmani Cesare Industria Marmi s.r.l., is was founded in 1961 by Maremmani Cesare in the inland of Versilia, close to the area of Carrara and its marble quarries. It started producing skirtings of local marble, growing bigger through the years. At the end of the sixties it became one of the first companies able to produce floorings and wallcladdings in thin modulmarble (1 and 0,7cm. thick) of domestic and imported white and coloured marbles.

Afterwards the management of the company was continued by Maremmani Paolo with the collaboration of his children. The family management ha sallowed the firm to conserve the experience and the handycraft spirit even if ultramodern machines have been employed. Nowadays the products are exported all over trhe world and are a guarantee high quality and precision.

Maremmani Cesare Srl

Via Mignano 406/A 55047 Ripa di Seravezza (LU)

Telefono: 0584 756602

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